Advance Force Pearl Harbor
The Imperial Navy's Underwater
Assault on America

By Burl Burlingame

Paperback, 416 pages
Publication date: April 2002
United States Naval Institute Press

ISBN# 1557502110
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The Imperial Navy submarine sunk by the USS Ward was recently discovered by the University of Hawaii Undersea Research Lab. Here are some links:
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Deep Images

Thanks to HURL sub skipper Terry Kerby, here are some pictures of the Ward's midget submarine that are pieced together from several images.
The Japanese submarine assault on Pearl Harbor, though not as well-known as the devastating air strike, had a significant impact on the chaos that was 7 December 1941. Drawn from American and Japanese sources, this page-turner of a book describes both the single-minded bravery of the submariners who carried out the attack and the valorous men in the destroyers who battled against them. It is the first comprehensive examination of the role played by the Imperial Navy's submarine force, a story that has been overlooked because the mission was not successful.

Infused with vivid firsthand accounts by participants, the narrative crackles with intrigue and suspense. The author covers every aspect of the campaign from submarine development, strategy, and espionage, to the Japanese military psyche and prisoners of war. One of the many interesting sidebars includes computer-enhanced images of a classic battle photo that reveals the previously unnoticed presence of midget submarines just off Battleship Row. Profiles of crewmembers lend a human dimension to the unique cadre of the Japanese submariner. Generously illustrated with more than 300 photographs and diagrams, this thoroughly researched volume restores the underwater attack at Pearl Harbor to its proper place in history and provides a riveting chronicle of the U.S. Navy's day of infamy.
Burl Burlingame is a journalist, historian, and author based in Kailua, Hawaii, also designs museum exhibits for historical sites. He serves on the board of the Pacific War Memorial Association and is the former curator and historian for the Pacific Aerospace Museum.

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